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letarg said: Nevermind that. : )
Oh gods, I hate talking to people I don't know, I really do. I wouldn't even get the chance to embarras myself, I would just die there after five seconds... But I really, really hope it wasn't as bad as you think. Maybe you'll get lucky after all? ^^
Thanks! I'm getting excating about hungarian although at first I wasn't even sure I want to study it. ^^
Well... I'm socially akward and my best friends (to be honest: the only people I like to spend time with) live in the other end of the country so I'm just procrastinating and trying not to die out of boredom. I will maybe go to Wroclaw for few days (yeah, I know, it doesn't tell you anything ^^) or something. And beside that I have younger brother, father that works in other city and came back home for weekends, and working mother, so I'm pretty much babysitting - how bloody awesome is that? -.-
I wish you amazing trip, trips are cool.

Your post scriptum killed me. ^^

Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m pretty much uncapable of making a good first impression, although I’m excellent at making an unforgettable one. So yeah. I can’t wait for teh rezults!!1

And it’s great you’re going to learn My language. I do have to warn you that estonian grammar is absurdly difficult (but then again, not as difficult as polish, so idk) Just wanted to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, that’s all, haha. :D

I hope you won’t die of boredom. Just keep calm and watch HIMYM or something. :D

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